Tuesday, 12 January 2010

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winter League Match 4

Sunday 3rd January 2010.

Round 4 of the Winter league saw the lake been frozen again. The carp could be seen swimming under the ice. Slightly earlier the draw got underway as to allow time for Ice Breaking. Some of the pegs on the car park bank had been fished the day before so they wouldnt need much breaking but one peg didnt need any, peg 34.. Ian McCullock drew it but still went and helped other break the ice. Fair play.

I would not say Winter fishing is a spectators sport but 2 people came down to view the action (or lack of it)

Gemma Doyle trying to bring Simon some luck on peg 32.

Danny on peg 10 had his Dad for company.

Fishing was hard to say the least. Only 5 carp were caught during the match but also some were hooked and lost. Jon Walker on 26 managed 2 carp, Ian Mccullock managed 1 from peg 34 and Derek Hammond on peg 24 managed 2 carp. Derek's also managed to win with the help of those carp.


A Section

1st Ian McCullock peg 34 11-10 RD
2nd Ron Allam peg 38 1-8 MFS
3rd John Bennett peg 40 0-2 RG
4th Steve Wilson peg 7 0-1 A
5th Paul Jay peg 4 DNW RP
6th Earnie Mason peg 2 DNW TS

B Section

1st Neal Riddy peg 9 11-6 RP
2nd Simon Mound peg 32 2-10 A
3rd Steve Palmer peg 30 1-10 TS
4th Mick Lane peg 13 1-8 RG
5th Dan Blackwell peg 10 0-13 MFS
6th Mike Stimpson peg 28 0-6 RD

C Section

1st Derek Hammond peg 24 17-4 RD
2nd Jon Walker peg 26 15-4 RD
3rd Phil Powell peg 22 1-12 RG
4th Ricky peg 16 0-6 MFS
5th Clive Pritchard peg 18 DNW A
6th Lloyd Moss peg 14 DNW TS

1st Rolfs Diamond 12 RD
2nd Rolfs Platinum 12 RP
3rd Rolfs Gold 11 RG
4th Match Fishing Scene 10 MFS
5th Assassins 8 A
6th Team Spro 4 TS


1st Rolfs Gold 54 RG
2nd Rolfs Diamond 51 RD
3rd Rolfs Platinum 40 RP
4th Assassins 32 A
5th Match Fishing Scene 28 MFS
6th Team Spro 24 TS

Simon's Perch that he caught after just 1 minute. I thought I was in for a good match but spent the next 3 hours without a bite..

Some of Jon Walkers Excellent Handmade Floats.

The next match is on the 17th January.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

2009 Winter League. Match 3.

Sunday 20th December.

Today Winter had set in well and truly at the lake. A layer of ice covered the
lake. John had been making some top class ice breakers and was keen to show them off.
All Picture are click-able for a bigger view

The big lake had a thicker covering of ice while the little lake was a bit thinner.


Drawing today had to be done quickly to allow time for people the break the ice
from their pegs, it helped with Match Fishing Scene team not been able to make it today.

It seems someone had placed a hit on one of the Assassin team member Clive, as the SAS had turned up to assassinate him.

The assembled mob waiting to draw.

As suspected the fishing turned out to be really hard today with only A section without any DNW's.

Only 4 carp were caught today with the majority of fish being caught Perch.

With this been the last match before Christmas John and Pauline had laid on some hot tomato soup and hot dogs for after the match. Thank you very much it was a lovely thought and much needed.

Another thing as it was the last match before Christmas, everyone brought along a wrapped up present. The winner gets to choose first and down to last place from all the gifts on the table. There was also a nice fruity hamper, the winner of which was decided with a dip in to the draw bag from Pauline. She pulled out peg 30 which was Phil Powell's peg, so he won the hamper.

Now on to the results.

A Section Winner and Overall winner for the 3rd match running Mick Lane. Well done.

B Section Winner Pete Archer.

C Section Winner Ian McCullock

And for the man who caught the most fish today. About 50-70 he reckons. Neal Riddy.

Full Results...

A Section

1st Mick Lane peg 7 26-4 RG
2nd Neal Riddy peg 40 8-6 RP
3rd Steve Palmer peg 34 4-10 TS
4th Simon Mound peg 4 3-4 A
5th Derek Hammond peg 2 0-8 RD
-- -- -- -- MFS

B Section

1st Pete Archer peg 28 3-12 RD
2nd Phil Powell peg 30 1-7 RG
-- Clive Pritchard peg 26 -- A
-- Lloyd Moss peg 13 -- TS
-- Mark Orchard peg 9 -- RP
-- -- -- -- MFS

C Section

1st Ian McCullock peg 14 20-10 RD
2nd Paul Jay peg 16 1-8 RP
3rd Ernie M peg 24 0-1 TS
-- Steve Wilson peg 10 -- A
-- John Bennett peg 18 -- RG
-- -- -- -- MFS

1st Rolfs Diamond 14 RD
2nd Rolfs Gold 11 RG
3rd Rolfs Platinum 10 RP
4th Team Spro 8 TS
5th Assassins 3 A
6th Match Fishing Scene 7 MFS


1st Rolfs Gold 43 RG
2nd Rolfs Diamond 39 RD
3rd Rolfs Platinum 28 RP
4th Assassins 24 A
5th Team Spro 20 TS
6th Match Fishing Scene 18 MFS

Happy Christmas everyone. Next match is Sunday the 3rd January. Hope its a bit warmer.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Important info for Sunday's Match. 20th December...

If you are fishing tomorrow please remember to take your ice breakers. Steve has told me there is over and inch of ice on the lake... Temps went down to minus 8.2 last night.
Also please remember to bring a wrapped up gift to the value of £7. The winner will get first choice of the gifts descending down to last place. Everyone will get a Christmas gift.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

2009 Winter League, Match 2.

6th December 2009.

This morning saw the second winter league match. The weather at the lake was surprisingly nice. Clear sky's with a slight wind from the car park bank over towards the motorway bank. The draw format was that the person that won each section on the first match drew first, second drew second and so on.
John Bennett hoping to draw peg 9

But Steve Wilson Drew it instead.

The draw was only a few minutes late today meaning the match was due to start at 10.15am and finish at 3.15pm.
After the first hour of the match it seems more carp were been caught today, mainly from the bar up in the top end of the big lake. Pegs 14 round to peg 24 were having plenty (for winter) of carp. I was on peg 26 and seems I was just off the fish but had fun watching everyone else catching. I could see John Bennett from my peg, he was on the peg I was on last match, peg 30 and was struggling with liners but managed to catch a few silvers. With the weigh in done it was clear to see how much better the big lake had fished today up the top end.

A Section Winner.. Phil Powell. Rolfslake Gold.

B Section Winner.. Ian McCullock. Rolfslake Diamond.

C Section Winner.. Mick Lane. Rolfslake Gold.

Full Match Results...

A Section

1st Phil Powell peg 34 62-0 RG
2nd Derek Hammond peg 7 29-8 RD
3rd Dave Bull peg 40 17-8 MFS
4th Clive Pritchard peg 4 11-0 A
5th Lloyd Moss peg 2 2-8 TS
6th Mark Orchard peg 38 1-0 RP

B Section

1st Ian McCullock peg 13 49-12 RD
2nd Mark D peg 28 14-2 MFS
3rd Steve Wilson peg 9 13-4 A
4th Paul Jay peg 10 6-4 RP
5th John Bennett peg 30 3-12 RG
6th Ernie M peg 32 2-0 TS

C Section

1st Mick Lane peg 18 67-0 RG
2nd Mike Stimpson peg 24 61-8 RD
3rd Geoff Ashcroft peg 14 52-4 TS
4th Ron Allen peg 16 44-8 RP
5th Herbie Hornby peg 22 23-12 MFS
6th Simon Mound peg 26 19-8 A

1st Rolfs Diamond 16 RD
2nd Rolfs Gold 14 RG
3rd MFS 11 MFS
4th Assassins 8 A
5th Rolfs Platinum 7 RP
6th Team Spro 7 TS


1st Rolfs Gold 32 RG
2nd Rolfs Diamond 25 RD
3rd Assassins 21 A
4th Rolfs Platinum 18 RP
5th MFS 18 MFS
6th Team Spro 12 TS

Rolfslake Gold. Mick Lane and Phil Powell. They wouldn't let John on the picture as he caught bugger all :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

2009 Winter League. Match 1

Current league champions Rolfs Team Gold
Today saw the start of the winter league 2009 and assembled in the car park were the five teams hoping to topple the current 8 times champions Rolfs Team Gold { also known as the Swindon bandits}. The league is fished over six rounds between now and January and each of the team members {3} get to fish in rotation around the three sections , A section is pegs 34, 38, 40, 2, 4, and 7 B section is pegs 9, 10, 13, 28, 30, and peg 32 and finally C section is pegs 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, and peg 26.
After each match the winner of each section gets 6 points decending down to 1 point for last place but you have to weigh in to get your point. The league is decided on the team that has the most points after six matches and in the event of a tie the series is decided on the team with the most section wins. The key to success in these league matches is to have a team that can adapt to the methods required to catch fish in certain sections and not just wait for a carp to turn up as Rolfslake has a massive head of silvers that in certain sections can help you to good points if the carp dont turn up.
For the league reports my co blog reporter Simon will be the man down the on lake keeping a close eye on things as he is fishing with Team Assasins , so will be able to provide you all with the most current news from these matches.

Sunday 22nd November.

The weather at the lake today was very windy blowing from the big lake down towards the little lake. We had heavy showers on and off for most of the day also.
Fishing proved to be very hard and if you managed to catch a carp then you would score good points in your section.

Rolfs Gold proved to be a force to be reckoned with today as they managed the hatrick winning all three sections, Well done.
The results tell the story for the rest of us.

Full results after Match 1..

A Section

1st John Bennett peg 40 24-4 RG
2nd Paul Jay peg 7 15-4 RP
3rd Steve Wilson peg 34 10-12 A
4th Ron B peg 4 10-0 MFS
5th Ian M peg 38 9-4 RD
6th Ernie M peg 2 2-8 TS

B Section

1st Mick Lane peg 9 48-4 RG
2nd Simon Mound peg 30 23-0 A
3rd Ron Allam peg 10 15-8 RP
4th Horby peg 32 13-8 MFS
5th Mike Stimpson peg 13 13-0 RD
6th Steve Palmer peg 28 3-8 TS

C Section

1st Phil Powell peg 24 39-12 RG
2nd Jon Walker peg 22 21-4 RD
3rd Clive Pritchard peg 18 21-0 A
4th Lloyd Moss peg 16 9-8 TS
5th Mark Orchard peg 26 7-12 RP
6th Dave Bull peg 14 2-4 MFS

1st Rolfs Gold 18 RG
2nd Assassins 13 A
3rd Rolfs Platinum 11 RP
4th Rolfs Diamond 9 RD
5th MFS 7 MFS
6th Team Spro 5 TS